bikepaking camps

Transcontinental, Transam Bikerace, Transafrica Bikerace, TransAtlantic Way, Indian Pacific Wheel RaceNorthCape-Tarifa…. some of the toughest bike challenges on bike.

You dream, to participate in one of these self supported races?
Self supported means, no outside support, riding alone. Organizing food by yourself, make decissions, handling al sort of problems by your self. It’s more than a physical challenge.

What bike to use, selecting  the tires, how to pack your bike, using of electronic navigation or paper maps, what to eat, where to sleeps… There are many aspects to be care of.

Self supported races like the Trascontinental bikerace demand of skills you get in bicycle touring, in road racing and even offroad racing.

Self supported bike races is a bicycle disciplin like freeriding or touring in skiing and snowboarding. You have to adapt to the changes of the weather and so, same in skitouring, you have to adapt to the mountain.

In our camps we tell you, how to successfully finish a such kind of race. We tell you from our expiriences. You get the basics to finish such a challenge.

You will profit from the excperiences of finishers some of the toughest races:

  • Steffen Streich
  • Michael Wacker
  • Andy Buchs


  • La Grave, France
  • Lesbos, Greeze