Cycling is our passion and we do it since years. Our international team is happy, to share their experiences and offer you the best bicycle adventures you can imagine.


Andy Buchs
(languages: german, english, french)

On the road and traveling for transbike adventures all year round to check and explore routes.
Riding bikes since 6 years old. Used the bike for the way to scool, to the university and to explore the world. Traveled all over the Alps, then the Pyronees, later to Island, Greeze and several times in the USA. A several week long cycling journey to the NorthCape, was the start of the idea for the NorthCape-Tarifa bike race.  After starting to the Transam bike Race 2015, the idea to offer training camps was born.

Irena Sosinska
(languages: polish, english, chinese, rushian)

Traveled around the world on here bike.
Irena is no stranger to bikpacking, she finished the Transam Bike Race 2016 as 4th woman and traveled with her bike all over the world. So she cycled through Siberia to China, Tibet and the Mount Everest base camp. Irena rode on her bike down South America to Ushuaia, the southernmost tip of South America, nicknamed the “End of the World.” No mountain to high, so why not bring your bike to the top of the highest mountain of Africa and highest self standing mountain in the world, the 5,895m high Mount Kilimanjaro. When Irena was not on the road exploring the world, she worked in London as a bike messenger, riding the coolest fixie ever built. Before the pandemic in 2020 started, organizing visas for travelerers to exotic countries was her job. 

Steffen Streich
(languages: german, greece, english)

Living on the Greeze Island Lespos, riding his bike every day to work.
Steffen is supporting transbike adventures with his knowledge in cycling and bike packing events. He rides his bike like Andy since many years. He starts at brevets, did Paris-Brest-Paris and many more long distance rides. He spends a lot of time in the preparation before he starts for an event. Steffen is also Endura embassador.

Graça Cunha
(languages: portuguise, french, english)

Graça is the seamstress who makes all the caps and backbags for our participants.
Graça makes a great work that we have the goodies for our riders ready in time. She makes it possible, that we can give a special handmade goody to our riders that remembers for a long time to an event.