training camps

Transcontinental bikerace, Transam Bikerace, Transafrica Bikerace…. some of the biggest challenges on bike. In the Transam Bikerace you cycle trough Colorado on an altitude of more then 2000m and over the Hoosier Pass with 3518m. In the NorthCape-Tarifa bike race the route brings you over some HC TdF passes with 2600m and on top of the highest road in Europe to 3398m.

You dream, to participate in one of these self supported races or another ultra distance race? A day etap race like Tour du Mont Blanc or multi stage race like the Haute Route race?

In our training camps in the french Alps you can train on some of the most famous TdF cliembs. You stay at 1400 or 1800m altitude and the routes you cycle are between 500m and 2800m. There is no limit of the lenght and amount of climbing on a route. 280km and 6000m climbing in a day? Or more? Don’t worry, we also can offer you a 70km route.

You will profit from the excperiences of finishers of some of the taughest self supported ultra distance races on the world:

  • Steffen Streich
  • Michael Wacker
  • Andy Buchs


  • La Grave, France
  • Lesbos, Greeze