Tracker rental

We rent out our Spot Gen3 trackers with active Spot Trace satellite service. Check in our shop for tracker rental.

Configure your Garmin for long distance rides

In the standard configuration, your Garmin will recalculate the route you choose to ride, as soon as it is selected. This can result in a long wait, untill your Garmin is ready for the ride. It may also end up in a endless loop of the recalculation. In this case, the Garmin calculates the route points to the roads on the maps available on your Garmin. This can also bring problems, on routes not following the maps saved on the Garmin. For example on our routes in Morocco or Spain.

To save energy, you might also disable the navigation and warning features on your Garmin.

Follow these steps, based on the Garmin Edge 1030:

Navigation menu

  • Courses
  • —-
  • Turn Guidance > off
  • Off course warning > off

System menu

  • Profiles
  • —-
  • Activity Profiles
  • (select your activity profile like road)
  • Navigation
  • Routing
  • Recalculation > off

NCT bike setup from Steffen Streich

What do you need for a self supported ultra endurance bike ride?
Steffen Streich shows his bike setup which he used for the NorthCape-Tarifa 2018 ride.
The film was made in Tarifa Spain, after Steffen finished NorthCape-Tarifa as a first rider.

Inflating an air mattress

Inflating an air mattress by yourself can bring condensation into the mattress, which is difficult to remove. Filling the air mattress with a little pump keeps the mattress dry and saves your time. This way mattress gets inflated from itself while you build up the tent.

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