Swiss Bike-Adventure

2nd edition

  • Grand depart: 26.06.2021 at Andermatt
    Start confirmed: CONFIRMED
    Registration: is open till 31.05.2021
    Registration closes: 31.05.2021
  • ITT: July 8th till September 30th 2021 (in the time the route over the high mountain passes is ridable, Sustenpass is expected to open June 25th)
    (individual time trial): Start whenever and wherever you like.
    Your startpoint will be your finish point.
    Registration from 01.05.2021 on, till 10 days before your departure.

Type: roads with some gravel sections (ridable with 25mm tyres)

The self supported bicycle adventure in Switzerland, 1300km and 27,000 vertical meter around Switzerland, self supported, on your bicycle.

New route all year.

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4th edition:
– 19.09.2021 (finish Tarifa Spain and Sidi Ifni Morocco, it continues on the Morocco-BikeAdventure piste route)
Registration: is open (originally full but some riders already transfered for 2022)
Type: gravel and trails

Traversing the Iberian Peninsula from Saint-Jean-de-Luz France near Biarritz  to Tarifa Spain, the most southern point on the European mainland. Same but different to the first edition, this time north-south.

  • route: 1713km / 29’253m vertical climbing

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Date: 20.06.2022
Registration: is open till 31.03.2022
Type: roads of all kind of surfaces

Cycling from the most northern to the most southern point on the European mainland crossing different countries, cultures and sceneries. Start your journey at 24 hours daylight up in the north, end your journey at the Mediterranean Sea, with its warm sunny weather with view to the next continent, Africa.

  • finish Helsinki, Finland: 1753km / ~15’000m climbing
  • finish Bregenz, Austria: 4071km / ~28’050m climbing
  • finish Nice, France: 5370km / ~48’100m climbing
  • finish Tarifa, Spain: 7400km / ~80’000m climbing

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Alaska Divide

Date: 14.08.2022
Registration: is open till 31.07.2022
Type: gravel

Alaska Divide is a 1654 kilometer (1028 mile) unsupported bikepacking adventure from Anchorage to Deadhorse. Considered the Last Frontier of North America, Alaska is home to the most unrelenting weather, the most dangerous predators, and the most remote wilderness of the continent. Alaska is also home to some of the best gravel roads in the United States and has always drawn those with a thirst for adventure.

Long days and a chance to see the Northern Lights awaits! Don’t miss out on this unique adventure.

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Morocco Bike-Adventure

Date: 09.10.2021
Registration: is open till 31.08.2021
Type: a piste and a road (all paved) version

The second Morocco Bike-Adventure will again route over the Atlas mountains, to the Sahara desert. For 2021 the standard route goes through the desert and the extensions into the high mountains up to 3000m over sea.

NEW: A seperate road route with same start and finish, all paved, near the piste route.
NEW: Start at Irun Spain possible (iberica-Traversa) combiend with the piste route.

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Cuba Bike-Adventure

Date: originally February 2020
No date set now, postponed indefinitely (COVID-19).

A 1500km bike adventure from Havanna to Santiago de Cuba.

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Plaza de la catedral in Havana – Cuba

4000 south

Date: originally 2021
No date set now, postponed indefinitely (COVID-19).

A self supported bicycle adventure from Krakow Poland to Tarifa Spain or Portugal. About 4000km roadcycling.
Some key facts: Grossglockner, Timmelsjoch, Col de Tende, Col de Turini, Nice,  Gorges du Verdon (biggest Canyon in Europe, also called “Grand Canyon du Verdon”), Mont Ventoux, Pico del Veleta.